You’re invited: an event of STYLE BEAUTY AND EMPOWERMENT


At The Soulfuls, we have set ourselves an ambitious and incredibly necessary goal. This is the goal to empower women and teenage girls to feel confident, motivated and delighted to be who they are. 

We are incredibly excited to kick-start making this goal a reality with our first event on the 11th of August, and everyone is invited.

Are you looking for a more inclusive, supportive way to enjoy style and beauty other than Copenhagen Fashion Week? Keep on reading… 

Our #StyleBeautyEmpowerment event will bring together an eclectic mix of inspiring women, with fascinating stories and wisdom, to create an open-minded, refreshing dialogue to motivate teenage girls. This dialogue will emphasise personal potential, uniqueness and diversity in the fashion and beauty industry. 

We want to support young women to feel emancipated from the confining notions of what is considered ‘beautiful’, which we think is and should be universal.

13:00 Welcome and introduction

We will kick things off with an introduction from our amazing founder, Aram Ostadian-Binai who will share more about her motivation behind The Soulfuls and the running of the day.

Beauty and Style Panel “Empowering and defining Beauty and Fashion in Culture”

Beauty Avenue

Stella Nisreen Kanaan, the Founder and CEO will be talking about Beauty Avenue, her Copenhagen-based spa with all-organic treatments that promote a sustainable and vegan outlook. 

I Love Natural Hair

As the name suggests, hair expert and founder Carriene Rendbo's organisation celebrates all hair-types by providing expert advice, tips and products to care for your hair. We are sure you will come away from her talk filled with self-love and an appreciation for your natural body.

Fiona Jane

Fiona Jane is a multi-talented style influencer and DJ, who is currently living in London. She has worked with an impressive number of big brands, including Dior, H&M and &otherstories, just to name a few. We cannot wait to hear her success story. 

Sidsel Solmer Eriksen, Spread Studio

Sidsel is the creative director and owner of one of Copenhagen’s most prestigious design studios, Spread Studio. She is also a career and education coach, helping many teenagers and young students to get closer to their dreams.

Maysoun Kanaan, Kinz Kanaan

Maysoun founded her Danish Jewellery company, Kinz Kanaan. She combines the classical with the contemporary and the intricate designs of the middle-east with the minimalistic aesthetics of Scandinavia.

Empowerment Panel “Inner Strength, Beauty and Potential”

Fie Sommer

After a refreshment break we finish our panel discussions with the very inspiring and motivating life-coach and TV personality on ‘De Perfekte Piger’. 

Jasmin Søe

Jasmin is a model, author and TV host who will be sharing even more inspiration and soul with us.

Aram Ostadian-Binai

Aram has a background in the media, design and fashion industry as a digital and content strategist in Copenhagen and London. She is also the founder of The Soulfuls, and her vision is to reinvigorate the creative industry so that it facilitates diversity, confidence, and positivity in women and girls.

16:00 Workshop

To finish with, the panelists will take part in a workshop for all participants. Guests will have the opportunity to personally interact with and ask questions to the panelists who have just spoken. You will get access to personalised beauty and style tips, all from recommended products and practical guidance from a panel of experts to emphasise natural beauty and style. There will also be a mentorship hub, where you can talk with our career/ education mentors and life coaches.

Sponsors for Goodie Bags & the day

LemonAid & ChariTEA
Wholi Food
BeYou Skincare
Skee Is


12:30 – 17:00

11th of August 2018


Kulturhuset Islands Brygge 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Watch this space for more information and upcoming events...