I Am A Girl Who is ... ?

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The Soulfuls took to the streets during Copenhagen Fashion Week to ask attendees how they would describe themselves, using our tagline 'I am a girl..'. 

The responses were all different, but shared in their celebratory nature of each girl's uniqueness. Janka Polliani, Creative Thinker, Stylist and TV host replied that 'I am a girl that hopes to inspire women to be themselves', echoing one of The Soulfuls' core values.

Other fashion influencers said 'I am a girl who is adventurous and a free spirit' and 'I am a girl who is never wavered by trends'. And what better way to show what type of girl you are, whoever that may be, than by through your fashion choices?


Indeed, fashion and beauty are not just aesthetic tools but have a defined communicatory element. They can be used to express yourselves to the world, however you wish. You have total creative control over how you wish to present yourself to the world. 

At our event we created an 'I am a girl who is...' wall, to encourage guests to start openly expressing themselves.

It was very inspiring to see so many girls getting involved with this activity. 

Some words from the day. 'Trust in your own journey'-Fiona Jane 

During the event, our panelists mirrored this necessity to cultivate self-acceptance and inner worth. Maysoun Kanaan, founder of the jewellery brand 'Kinz Kanaan', advised us to 'really trust in your unique power, whatever that power is'. 

One mother who attended our event with her daughters wrote to us and commented that they found the event 'enriching' and have taken inspiration from our talks 'to use as a starting point to kickstart further conversations between us'. 

She also commented that 'it is so important for the young girls to have good role models'. It is conversations like these which help bring about small changes regarding how girls view themselves.

Adding to this, Renate Vermane's reflection, another attendee, was quite inspiring. She wrote: 'I think it is important to talk about this, and work towards making sure that every soul can feel the nourishment they need to be whoever they want to be'.

Renate also shared an important realisation that she came to having listened to our speakers' words of wisdom; that 'life is not about pleasing others, it is about knowing yourself'. 

Encouraging girls to know their value from a young age, this breeds positive thinking, which will result in a society of women who trust in themselves, value their uniqueness, and empower one another. A more divers, equal and welcoming sociaty.

Our next event

We are very excited to announce our next event 'Journey Home' on October 6th. This event will focus on how no matter what you have been through in life, nothing should ever limit you from aiming high and reaching your own personal goals and desires. Our guest speaker, Sahar Zand an award-winning, British-Iranian, BBC presenter, really represent our message and we are incredibly excited to have her with us. 


Written by Frankie Lister-Fell, Editor at The Soulfuls.