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We have just revealed our next event - Journey Home - taking place on October 6th, and we are so excited for this day to arrive (for tickets and registrations head to our shop)! Another meaningful event, this time bring attention to the experiences of refugee girls and what it means to feel ‘home’, and find your way in a new place. The Soulfuls are keen to send out a message to women and to spread awareness, both for refugees and society. We all have a lot to learn and the more we open our eyes to what's going on in the world the more we can learn how to make a difference, no matter how big or small it can be.

The topic of refugees has become more openly talked out in recent times and The Soulfuls feel this increase in awareness and understanding among communities will bring about positive change.

Love Story by Candice Breitz

During the summer I (a member of The Soulfuls team) came across a piece of work by a South African woman, Candice Breitz, called Love Story. It is a highly thought provoking video showcases six people's personal refugee stories, and it left quite an impression on me. It was my first visit to Arken Museum (where Love Story was exhibited) and since I’d heard a lot about the museum itself I was looking forward to being there. After a short time exploring various pieces I walked into another section of the museum, and that’s when I found Love Story. I noticed a big screen and recognized the faces of Hollywood stars Julianne Moore and Alec Baldin. Naturally, I became curious and I walked towards it. Once I was close enough I realized it was an interview style video and I tuned in to understand what it was about. It didn’t take long to draw me in. As I listened, I felt goosebumps.

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Love Story was one of the most talked about works at Venice Biennale in 2017 and has now become a new highlight of the Arken collection. What kind of stories are we willing to listen to? And who’s? What is it that moves us? Love Story draws attention to the individual experiences of the world wide refugee crisis, attracting attention through celebrity appeal. It’s intent is to trigger our emotions, mainy empathy, and it really works. I quickly learnt I was hearing only a snippet from the Hollywood stars, and that behind the scenes I could see the original footage, with each of the refugees sharing their owns experiences. I headed into the room where there were six monitors behind the scenes, and spent the next hour learning how each of the refugees fled their countries in response to oppressive conditions: Sarah Ezzat Mardini, a competitive swimmer from war-torn Syria; José Maria João, a former child soldier from Angola; Mamy Maloba Langa, a survivor from the Democratic Republic of Congo; Shabeena Francis Saveri, a transgender activist from India; Luis Ernesto Nava Molero, a political dissident from Venezuela; and Farah Abdi Mohamed, an atheist from Somalia.

I was moved by those stories, told by people who would typically remain nameless and faceless in the media. I left Arken that day with a bittersweet feeling, sad for what I had heard of those individuals unable to remain in their home countries, but happy for them, for their bravery in sharing their stories so publicly. It opened my eyes and according to the online reviews it appears it has for many others too.

Journey Home: stories of three successful women

Join The Soulfuls on October 6th for our next event, Journey Home, where we will be diving further into this sensitive topic. Personal stories will be shared by our special guest speakers, and together we will make it a day to remember.

Hope to see you there for stories that will move and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

Written by N.A.
A Girl Who is HER! 

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