A Soulful perspective on Fashion Week

Fashion week is an exciting time for many of us girls. We get to see the latest collections from brands we love and admire – it is a very glamorous and beautiful experience.

There is so much to see and learn about what is currently on trend and how you can get the latest look. What more could we want?

As much as we all enjoy the excitement that fashion week brings, it is also important for us to pause and think. Alongside the continuous fashion changes and developments: are we still remaining true to ourselves and our own personal style? Or are we lured into updating our outfit because the one we’d actually like to wear is just not that “trendy” anymore. 

We can probably all recall that thought that goes through our minds when we pull out one of our favourite items from the wardrobe. I know I did when flared jeans suddenly went out of fashion for a while. If I’d known better I would have never stopped wearing them!

There are so many factors that can influence us when it comes to how we choose to present ourselves. These can include: the media, our fashion icons, our friends & family. As much as we take those opinions and views into account it’s important we always stay true to ourselves and who we are as individuals. 

Our lovely soulful founder, Aram, said in a recent interview that she, “encourages people around her to be who they are born to be”. 

Sometimes we all need a little reminder, so let’s keep empowering each other to be bold about expressing ourselves honestly and authentically, always.


Written by
A Girls Who is HER

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