The Soulfuls believes today's young girls are tomorrow's leaders, and we LOVE to invest and spoil them whenever we can. 

That is why just over two weeks ago we had a fundraising picnic to raise money for a few organizations that are making a difference in teenage girls life around the world and locally.

We invited the city to do a proper summer closet clean-up and donate a bag (or more) at our super HYGGELIG picnic, where all the proceeds went to empowering teenage girls. 

The amount of the clothes that we gathered was unbelievable, we had at least 10 big bags of clothes and two full of shoes and accessories. All the clothes got sorted, we selected some of the pieces to gift the young girls (and boys) in one of the Red Cross local refugees centers, and the rest we had up for sale at Copenhagen's coolest flea market, Pumpehuset, last Sunday.


We sold in total for 2553 kroner to support:

  • Red Cross. Teenage Girls of Sjælsmark Refugee Center, Denmark
  • Nordic Designers Aid. Teenage Girl Empowerment & Girl Game Changers, Africa
  • I'm Shine - I'm Strength. Teenage Girls of I'm Shine - I'm Strength, Northern Irak

(+ three large bags of clothes for Sjælsmark Center, Denmark)


A huge thank you to everyone who donated clothes. Thank you to all our happy shoppers who generously helped us to raise more than what we expected. Thank you to all our volunteers and a huge thanks to The Soulfuls team, who are killing out of passion and as volunteers.


In celebration of Copenhagen Fashion Week, we are inviting teenage girls to an international event to empower their Style, Beauty & Your Personal Brand on August 11. The early bird's tickets are only 20 kr. and there will be goodie bags for those who arrive early. We hope to see you there.

Founder of The Soulfuls